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Craft-Revival Jewelers is a family owned and operated business by the father and son team of Brandon and Jayson Case.

Welcome to our store and website! We take great pride and joy in our passion to create jewelry for each and every individual that enjoys wearing a piece of Craft-Revival Jewelry. Each piece is designed in store and created from scratch with the perfect mix of age old craftsmanship handed down within our family from generation to generation with modern technology and techniques. While we may have only opened our retail doors in 2010, this family business has been in the making for over 30 years.

My father, Brandon planted the seed for this business as a child. He would make his first piece of jewelry for his mother at the tender age of 6. As a son of a sculptor, artistic expression was a prominent family value. He would begin to perfect his skill with the guidance of his beloved art teacher, John Markov in high school. Mr. Markov recognized his gift and would continue to push Brandon to explore his purpose and talent with the proper direction to support a family with his gift. He would start his first job at a retail jewelry store in 1980. From this first professional job, he would learn the day-to-day operations or a retail jewelry store. His skill and craftsmanship would continue to build over years as everyday brought its new challenges.

After continually being sought out from larger and larger jewelry stores for his skill and education from the Gemological Institute of America, Brandon would go out on his own to start Brandon F. Case Goldsmiths in 1990. This wholesale division would allow him to start being his own boss and capitalize on the custom jewelry requests he was receiving from many stores. He built him self a studio at home, as it allowed him to continue his perfect his craft and raise my brother and I.



 The Second Chapter

I have always loved to spend time with my father. Like the picture below, I would spend many days as young as toddler sitting at his bench watching and observing as he would create family heirlooms from air. I was intrigued by the process and creation of his jewelry and how the people who wore it saw it as a reflection of themselves or the expression of how another cared for them. The pieces of jewelry meant much more to them then just precious materials. This sentiment would be my calling.

Craft-Revival Jewelers Brandon and Jayson Case.jpg

My father and grandmother would continue to keep our family calling alive of artistic expression by exposing me to all different types of mediums throughout my life. At the age of 12, I would start my training to become a master goldsmith like my father. With his continued pursuit of more than 30 years or experience, I would learn first-hand how to create truly custom jewelry. Observing the day to day operations I would see my place to help formulate this calling into a retail business that was dedicated purely to producing this high quality custom jewelry that is created for each individual person so the may begin their own family heirloom. While continuing to work beside my father everyday, I pursued a BS in Small Business and Entrepreneurship from Ferris State University with a minor in Art History. This schooling helped me formulate the business model that our store is founded on.

As I became an adult I sought out to travel across the world seeking the self-expressions of the world's greatest artists. This empowering experience solidified my ideas and purpose to show people another side of jewelry as my father had exposed me to at a young age.  After my return, we began to notice a major shift within our industry. Commercialization and mass production were at the forefront of what retailers were pushing. The loss of quality, individuality, and service went out the window as many adopted the idea of one low-cost ring that millions of women would wear. This would be the driving force for us to open Craft-Revival Jewelers. We would do everything in our power to keep alive the age old skill and personal relationship one could have with their jeweler.







"Passionate, creative, honest, and sincere are the values we live by"

One of the most memorable and personal moments in our life is the gift of an engagement ring, as the symbol of the beginning of two peoples life together. The idea that this symbol is something that is designed to be as cheaply made as possible, and made a such high volumes with no care for longevity was something we would stand against. And so would mark the naming of our store, Craft-Revival Jewelers. A name with a meaning of bringing back great skill and service to these tokens of sentiment. As many have enjoyed, I invite you to take the time to meet my father and I and experience a service and quality, unlike anything you would expect to find in Grand Rapids.


What sets us apart from other Jewelers

  • All of our jewelry includes a lifetime warranty on basic repairs and polishings to keep the ring as beautiful as the day you bought it home!
  • Appraisals for insurance are free with jewelry purchase
  • After hour appointments available upon request
  • Uniquely crafted rings, competitively priced
  • Low-pressure mentality, about taking our time to create something special for you
  • Deal directly with the person who creates the piece of jewelry to  ensure the highest quality design and service.