Our Engagement Process-

From one man to another, a recommended guide for which situation best suits you

The gift of this ring is one of the most personal, and intimate moments two people can share. At Craft-Revival Jewelers we believe this special occasion calls for more then the average quick trip to the mall . Instead, lets cherish the moment you two will remember for a life time. This journey will start with one of the options below, with the process and walk-through to follow


This is the option for the man that would love to give her an engagement ring that she is sure to adore and an experience the two of you will cherish. Designing it together with only one surprise, when will be the moment you take her breath away?


You know what you want. Now is the time to find the diamond and a ring she will love. View rings that are available today, and custom designs with quick turn-around.  All resting assured that the ring will be ready for you to pop the questions on time.