Involve her, with your surprise at the end

Having you partners opinion on the ring she desires is a common thought and situation to be in. More often couples come in together to start looking for rings that peak their interest. We pay close attention to the details and desires of what she likes and doesn't like with examples as you walk through our store of jewelry not available anywhere else. As each piece of our jewelry can be created just for her, instead of a ring she has seen on all her friends. The best part, its a ring she is guaranteed to love and you have the element of surprise of when to pop the question


Hello, World!

Have the fun of the surprise, and come back to design the ring

Not sure which piece she would love the most?

Want her to involved in the design of her ring?

Have the fun of catching her with a surprise of the diamond of your choice in one of our custom solitaires, and come back to design the ring with her after you popped the question! This way she wont miss a thing, and have all the fun of designing a ring made just for her.