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Craft-Revival Jewelers Brandon and Jayson Case.jpg

collaborate with our Skilled craftsman

With an inventory almost entirely made in house, you will notice one major difference between us and your traditional jewelry store. Whether your taste is classic or unique, everything inside is something you have never seen before.

Uniquely Crafted, Competitively Priced

Custom Engagement Rings

At Craft-Revival Jewelers we pride ourselves on creating truly unique engagement rings that are not available anywhere else. She can't be found anywhere else, so why should her ring be?

Reuse/redesign Jewelry

At Craft-Revival Jewelers, we are happy to remount and redesign your sentimental and family heirloom jewelry. Working with the diamonds and gems you have to recreate or add to is something we have done more than a few times. >> Learn more and see some of our examples!

Custom Wedding Bands

Looking for a unique wedding band or maybe a band made to be a perfect complement to your engagement ring? Check out our service below to learn all what Craft-Revival Jewelers can offer.

Restoration/ Repair Jewelry

Have a piece of jewelry that is in need or repair or not looking its best? Look no further! Our skilled artisans are trained in repair and offer free estimates and inspections on-site.  >> Learn more and see examples of our work