Custom Wedding Band Process


-Have you been looking for a wedding band that compliments your engagement ring? 

-Would you like a band that fits next your engagement ring perfectly and can be worn alone?

-Do the bands you have been putting alongside your engagement ring have gaps that you dislike?


We can help you design a wedding band that satisfies your desires and fits your lifestyle. Too often, engagement rings are paired with a wedding band designed for a different ring. This leaves your wedding set with unsightly gaps and takes away from the beauty of your engagement ring.  Craft-Revival Jewelers will work alongside you to design a wedding band that will be a matched pair to your engagement ring. We also listen closely to your lifestyle, helping guide you through the necessary choices in design for a ring that you will wear and cherish for a lifetime.

Call or email us at,, 616-678-3650 with any questions or concerns. We would love to help!

Step 1: The design

The process is started with sketches of the wedding band as we discuss design and setting choices that best reflect your engagement ring and how it will be worn






download (2)_revised.png

Step 2: The decision

The choices will be sketched out and a ring will be created by impressing your engagement ring into a soft wax, aiding in a seamless fit between the wedding set.









Step 3: The Finished Piece

After the discussion you will be presented with your own custom wedding band! This wedding band will be a flawless fit to your engagement ring